All about soup, and a little bit about Thai

I’ve had a couple of craft-free evenings this week, instead it has been rather social which has been a nice change. On Wednesday night I went to a cooking demonstration called “All about soup” with my Mum and sister, which was really neat. I am not a big soup drinker, and definitely not a soup cooker, but it was my sister’s suggestion for a Mother’s Day gift so I bought into it and went along. I was pleasantly surprised! It was informative, fun and YUMMY! We learnt about three varieties of soup: Avgolemono (Greek lemon chicken soup), Zucchini, white bean and leek soup, and Puchero (pork, beef and chicken soup). The Puchero was my favourite and I was disappointed that I’d scoffed the first two bowls as I couldn’t finish this one!

We also learnt how to make a simple corn bread, and Pandebono (Columbian cheesy rolls). Both were also delicious – I think I’ll have a go at the Pandebono this weekend. Because it is gluten free and full of cheese, I know it will be a hit with my husband. Yummo.

Last night we were out to dinner with a bunch of his friends from architecture school – it was a really lovely evening. I have spent a bit of time with two of the couples, but there were another two couples that I’ve only met twice before so very much enjoyed getting to know them better. We went for Thai which I absolutely love and don’t get to eat often, as my husband is a bit of a fussy eater we usually opt for different cuisines when eating out.

I’m looking forward to a weekend of crafts and catchups – tomorrow morning I am going on a crafty road trip with a friend. We will go to The Bead Hold first, and then make another trip to The Little Craft Store. We went there for the first time (long time blog stalker, first time store visitor!) and met Helen (I think – sorry if that wasn’t you!) who instantly made us both feel very welcome. I wish I was a local – I think I would be there all the time!

Tomorrow night is a catch up with my sister, a dear friend and my cousin – we are making a Japanese banquet, which is always delicious. If I remember I will take some photos of the lovely food we will be preparing, I can’t wait!

I’m naughtily typing this at my day job, so better get back to it – looking forward to leftover Thai for lunch, and sitting at my desk working on a pair of two-toned G_loves for a colleague. Will post a pic once they’re finished.

Happy weekend to all 🙂


Quiet… but not idle!

So have finally knocked off a few projects that have been lingering. Funny how the “discovery process” of figuring out a new pattern quickly becomes painful when there is too much trial and error.

Anyway, happy to have figures them out and completed them, and sent them off to happy homes. 2 x lacy hats, 4 x button flower attachments, 1 x bobbly baby hat and 1 x plain hat with a stripe. Oh and one other project – punk/classic mash up baby onesie for a pregnant friend who specified skulls and no pink in her wish list for soon to arrive baby girl. I am loving that steely blue/grey at the moment so made a bobble hat to match the grey felt background of the appliqué. Not sure if you can tell from the photo – the motif is inspired by vintage cameo brooches with a punk twist… You likely?