Quiet… but not idle!

So have finally knocked off a few projects that have been lingering. Funny how the “discovery process” of figuring out a new pattern quickly becomes painful when there is too much trial and error.

Anyway, happy to have figures them out and completed them, and sent them off to happy homes. 2 x lacy hats, 4 x button flower attachments, 1 x bobbly baby hat and 1 x plain hat with a stripe. Oh and one other project – punk/classic mash up baby onesie for a pregnant friend who specified skulls and no pink in her wish list for soon to arrive baby girl. I am loving that steely blue/grey at the moment so made a bobble hat to match the grey felt background of the appliqué. Not sure if you can tell from the photo – the motif is inspired by vintage cameo brooches with a punk twist… You likely?







4 thoughts on “Quiet… but not idle!

    • Hi there, thanks so much for your comment. I think that is a bobble stitch or a puff stitch, or even a variety of the popcorn stitch? Lol – I’m not so good at remembering the terminology and tend to get a bit confused between UK/US crochet terms! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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