When crafts go bad

So I’ve spoken previously about my newfound craft-crush on needlework, and a purse I’d made for a friends birthday that I was really chuffed with.

Here is that purse. Note how I was pleased enough with it to drop it into a montage thingy, write some text and bung a makeshift logo on there. Haha.


Well there is a dark side to crafting, and that has been well documented on sites like craftfail.com. I’ve never been brave enough to fess up to failure in that forum but here is a different story.




It all started off well enough. Here’s my thought process:

Cross stitch polka dots looking neat and happy? Check.

Happy with selection of lining and silk backing? Check.

Time to sew it together!

Oh crap I haven’t left enough seam allowance around the dots. I’ll just have to sew over them, it’s ok it will be cute and petite.

Hey I wonder if now is a good time to test out my pinking shears!? (the answer was no, this was not a good time.)

Hmm my metal zip is a bit chunky for this teeny little purse, and how the hell are you supposed to trim excess zip when it’s metal? Hack hack hack.

This is a disaster, I can’t possibly give this as a gift! What a waste of time, a couple of evenings spent doing the polka dots, choosing perfect fabrics and then the cutting and sewing. Myeh!

Ah well I’ve learned a few things and that’s really what it’s all about I suppose. And it’s not so bad, is it?


One thought on “When crafts go bad

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