WIP it…

WIP it good. (That is one of the strangest music videos I’ve seen – but I do love that song.)

This was quite a busy weekend – Saturday was a craft write-off after my time in the gym, hair appointment and then dinner out. Sunday was a bit more fruitful – I started and finished my upcycled cotton reel holder, finally finished my salt dish pin cushion and cut yet more fabric for purses. It was Father’s Day here (everywhere?) yesterday so I made Dad a card using Vintage Funnies comic strips and my Cameo Silhouette.

Still no sewn together purses – next weekend is completely free and I’ve decided that will be my big day for sewing up. I can just get a production line going so I don’t have to keep changing the sewing machine feet when I’m doing the zippers. Also a handy excuse for my procrastination – clearly other things have held my attentionmore than the sewing this week!

Absolutely horrendous day here today, and I’m actually kinda enjoying it. Rainy as anything outside and very blustery – a perfect way to start Spring, and a perfect day to go checkout everything going on at Handmade Monday.



13 thoughts on “WIP it…

  1. I love to clear Wip’s something satisfying when they have been hanging around. Love your creations something handmade as a gift is so special

    • I did thank you Joanna. It felt like it flew by though – really need to start working on bringing Day Job down to four days a week, I think a three-day weekend would be just perfect x

  2. A great way to use those small pieces of silver. There was a programme on tv with some silver napkin holders that nobody wanted and I immediately thought of you and making them into pin cushions!!

    • That is so cool! Once I have finally finished that napkin ring pin cushion I’ll post a tutorial with how to do it, I’m pretty sure once I have completed one it will be really easy… Then I just need to go and buy up all of the napkin rings in our local second hand shop!! I see upcycling potential in everything now – just not enough hours in the day to repurpose everything in sight!! x

    • Thanks Helen – I really love the green as well. And it’s spring in my neck of the woods! Althoug if I’m entirely honest I didn’t find inspiration from spring colours, that just happened to be the colour of the wool rovings I had in my craft box!

  3. Your cotton reel holder looks a great idea, I keep mine in a series of glass biscuit/sweetie jars which look great but are not always practical when you want the one at the bottom!

    • Thank you! I love the idea of cotton reels in biscuit/sweetie jars, I bet they look just like candy! Now that I have loaded my cottons onto the holder (plenty of room for growth here, it seems I only have 6 reels!) I’m disappointed that the colours of my cotton are all sensible and a bit boring! Beige, Black, White, Cream…. I wanna see some hot pink, lemon, turquoise… Good excuse to head to the fabric store I reckon. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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