Crochet babies of doom

What an exciting blog post this sounds – I hope I can live up to your expectations!

I recently purchased a second-hand book from a fantastic local second-hand store, called Junk & Disorderly. I am in love with the place – in fact I will be bunking off from Day Job early today so I can go and do some shopping with proceeds from the Devonport Craft Market, at which I was a seller yesterday. I had a fantastic day, despite once again enduring a very mixed bag, weather wise. Happily this time I was prepared with my gazebo weights, so any hearty gusts of wind that would have happily made off with the tent were thwarted (great word)! I’ll tell you more about the market a bit later on – right now, back to those crochet babies of doom.

The book I purchased for the bargain price of $2 is called “Traditional Edgings to Crochet”, by Rita Weiss. I forgot to check the date of publication, but I assume it is at least a couple of decades old. I was very excited to rescue it from fates unknown. Imagine my delight when I looked up pattern #1846 and found these guys:

I don’t know why they are so angry-looking – perhaps just the way they were drawn back in the day? Anyway I saw them, captioned them in my mind and now can’t stop thinking about them – naturally the next step is to share the delight with y’all… You’re welcome!

To the actual point of the book, I’m interested in seeing how I can incorporate these edgings into my work in new and fun ways. I’m thinking some edgings onto cotton purses, trying to figure out some way to build them into some jewellery designs I’ve been mulling over, and perhaps some edgings onto my baby beanies… I see a lot of trial and error in my immediate future!

To the subject of the markets – what a blast! I met so many lovely people, stall holders and shoppers alike. I’d like to make a special mention of one of my carpark neighbours, Renee at Fanciful. Renee and her lovely daughter drove all the way from Taranaki to attend the markets and I was very embarrassed that the Auckland weather wasn’t more hospitable. Fanciful’s collection of handmade soy melts and candles were to die for – I was very pleased with the gorgeous candle in a pretty cut class holder that I walked away with. As well as the soy melts and candles, Renee had a lovely collection of knitted baby garments and gorgeous blankets, throws and shawls. I just loved meeting them and will definitely stop by their retail shop in Taranaki next time I’m in that neck of the woods.

My time at the market was great – I was really pleased with my sales. My upcycled pin cushions flew out the door, I only have one left! I had also made coffee cozies (sadly no photos) that were popular and two of my onesies (ha!) were snapped up for a pair of newborn girl twins. I am TICKLED to imagine one of these little girls wearing their skull and hummingbird onesies.

Skull onesie on its way to a gorgeous baby girl!

Hummingbird onesie

Hummingbird onesie on its way to another gorgeous baby girl

The next markets are fast approaching – Birkenhead Artisan Market on Saturday 17th November, and Devonport Craft Market on Sunday 18th November. Better get on with it… after I’ve had a cruise around Handmade Monday, of course!


15 thoughts on “Crochet babies of doom

  1. It’s great to hear the market was a good one! I love the atmosphere at craft markets – I don’t do them any more and I do miss that aspect. Enjoy experimenting with the new edgings and enjoy Handmade Monday x

    • Thanks Wendy – I was very apprehensive at the first market I attended but quickly realised I was in the presence of likeminded souls. I now wonder what I was worried about!

  2. I’m jealous of your foraging and getting that lovely looking book. I’m sure you will come up with something to do with the edging….usually late at night….or is that just me!

    • Definitely not just you – I have my best ideas in the witching hour! It is a lovely book and jam-packed with different edgings so hopefully inspiration will strike soon and I can get some ideas up here 🙂

  3. I sooo want that book. I was only having a conversation today with someone saying how there aren’t enough of them around and then you come up with this!!! Grrrrrr. I look forward to seeing what you make with it 🙂

    • Thanks Helen – Junk & Disorderly is a treasure trove. I was looking for some old crochet hooks to use on my market stand for a display, and my eyes drifted over to the book. Happy days – and for just $2 (NZ) I was even happier!

  4. What fantastic illustrations of babies! You have reminded me (thank you!) that I have some really old needlework books – I’ll have to seek them out and see what inspirations they may hold.
    Good luck with your experimenting

    • I am fascinated by them. They get a wee smile out of me each time – just goes to shows that babies are mesmerising, even if they are ninja babies! 🙂

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