My first tutorial!

Summer finally seems to have arrived in Auckland which is awesome – however it is getting harder to stay inside and craft in the evenings. With Daylight Savings having kicked in, we’re enjoying daylight up until around 8pm at the moment which means I want to squeeze more into the day before I snuggle down into the couch with a project for the evening.

I have had time however to whip up a Crocheted Christmas Tree, and it was so fun, quick and easy I decided it was the perfect project for my very first tutorial. Pop over and have a look – any feedback is welcome, it is actually rather time consuming writing these up!

Crocheted Christmas tree - finished product

As well as the happy diversion of the Christmas tree, I’ve been gearing up for the next markets, which are on both days this weekend. Birkenhead Artisan Market on Saturday, and Devonport Craft Market on Sunday. Once again I’m finding it hard to stay focused – I keep getting new ideas for gift tags, or onesie designs, or greeting cards… And in the middle of all of this I’m trying very hard to build up enough photos and text to finally start up a Facebook page.

So there is a lot going on, and yet it feels like I don’t have much to show for all of the busy-ness! Oh well – there’s always time for a little bit of a look through Handmade Monday to see what clever folk from around the world have been up to. Happy crafting people!


9 thoughts on “My first tutorial!

  1. The tree looks fab. Good luck with the markets. I think I may have to hop on a plane and visit you – right now in the UK it’s starting to go dark at 4.30 pm and while that might be good for crafting (and it does feel nice to make the house cosy) I do miss the late nights. Enjoy them! x

    • Yes! Visit NZ and look me up! We are promised a lovely summer so fingers crossed the weather man delivers. I have heard about the darkness creeping in around 4.30 and thought it sounded a bit grim – you must all be well-ready for spring by the time it arrives! I’m going to make the most of these late nights – evening walks, spending time in the native bush at our back door… It would be silly not to (after I’ve finished my crafts of course!)

  2. I love your tree – I must learn to crochet! I know what Wendy means about out dark nights. Lovley to snuggle up with a fire, but the days are so short it can be quite depressing! And as we didn’t get much of a summer I feel a bit cheated really!! x

    • Thank you! I often find myself wondering what I did before I learnt to crochet, my hands are never idle these days. We didn’t get much of a summer last year, so hopefully this year makes up for it, and then that continues around to you when your time comes 🙂

  3. I think your tree is lovely. When I first saw it I thought it was made up of solid crochet shapes, then I read the tutorial. Very good tutorial. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

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