What a fortnight!

Yikes – I am absolutely reeling from a very full on two weeks. Day Job went nuts all of a sudden, and in the middle of it all I had my weekend of markets. This weekend just gone I relaxed, put my feet up and just enjoyed some quiet time (with a bit of crafting on the side of course).

During the hectic week at Day Job last week, we had an outing for a group of managers. This involved an “Amazing Race” style competition around Auckland city, which was a lot of fun. I was pleased to learn that I wasn’t the most competitive in the group! Part of the dress code was black tie, so I set about making myself a crocheted bow tie necklace – what do you think?


Crocheted bowtie necklace

A crocheted bowtie necklace


As well as the hastily thrown together crocheted bowtie necklace, I have also been working on some fun and cute Christmas stockings for a work friend to send to her friends in Ireland. They have proven to be a very cute and fun project, which I’ll hopefully knock off over the next couple of days. I’ll take a photo before they are on their merry way, I think they are looking so very sweet.

Will do a sum up of the previous markets this week – right now it’s time for some Handmade Monday while I eat lunch at my desk. This week I am going to make a point of commenting, last week I really didn’t get a chance.

Happy crafting everyone xox


5 thoughts on “What a fortnight!

  1. Not sure about the men but I am sure there is a market for ladies too – a great fun idea. Glad you had a weekend to recover, sounds as if you needed it. Hope your stockings finish off as well as you hope 🙂

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