Craft overload

Happy New Year everyone! And while I’m at it – Merry Christmas as well! I took a blogging hiatus over our busy and hot December – there was still a bit of crafting going on, but mostly it was relaxing, spending time with loved ones, and of course waaaaay too much eating in the name of festivities. But that’s all over now – I’m back at day job suffering through bouts of freezing temperatures (inside, thank you air con!) and stifling humidity (outside, thank you NZ January). I have my goals and plans for the year ahead – some resolutions, some personal goals and of course – lots and lots of craft.

My husband was away for the entire weekend just gone, so I spent the time being a crazy craft lady. I decoupaged a sewing table and an end table, hemmed some yellow jeans, crocheted a new Cruddie for my 14 year old sister-in-law and made a jolly jar. It was fantastic – reinforced how much I would dearly love to be a crazy craft lady all the time.

For now, here is the end table – I am absolutely delighted with it. I chose some vintage Disney comics from Junk & Disorderly (this time last year I think, nothing like a nice looooong work in progress!), painstakingly cut out each comic square, then using Mod Podge glued those pad boys onto the top of the table. Before and after below – end table $30 also from Junk & Disorderly.

Before and after – after a bit of white paint and a splash of comical colour, I think it’s looking much snazzier!

Before and after – after a bit of white paint and a splash of comical colour, I think it’s looking much snazzier!

What do you think? For those eagle-eyed amongst you, you’ll notice a small triangle of wood peeking through. Please note I had a wild Saturday night of staying up late decoupaging while my other half was away, and took this photo at approximately 11pm. I was so busy admiring my handy work, I completely failed to notice I’d missed a spot. Picked it up on Sunday morning while applying another coat and it’s now covered. What a hoot!

One of my New Years resolutions was to work on making my blog posts shorter – they are always so wordy and admire bloggers who can say what they need to in fewer words than I. I haven’t managed it yet (obviously!) but will now head over to Handmade Monday to pick up some inspiration from other lovely bloggers. Why don’t you join me? It is the 99th Handmade Monday – such a lovely number. Let’s go!


29 thoughts on “Craft overload

  1. I adore what you have done with the table! It’s stunning. Editing your blog posts to make them shorter is a whole art in itself – one day I’ll get there too! 🙂

  2. I love your table. I can just imagine sitting by it and finding my favourite characters. Won’t it make a brilliant cafe table. Keep the children amused.

    • Thank you! I know what you mean about the characters. I feel like it is a table that you could discover something new at every sitting, and every angle. Hours of fun 🙂

    • Thank you! My mum admired it and said that I should sell it at my market stand – I don’t think I could put a price on it though, let alone actually part with it. I think I will hang onto it and enjoy for years to come 🙂

  3. I love the table! Editing your blog posts down is a fine art. I often find that it’s easier to edit the day after I have written a post. Leaving it to settle a bit also helps me to edit out my exclamation marks. I use way too many exclamation marks.

    • I am a firm member of Exclamations Anonymous – I just can’t edit those bad boys down! Whoops, one snuck in there… Hahahaha 🙂 Editing the following day is an excellent idea – perhaps even saving a draft and then editing before publishing would be a good idea for me. Of course that would require a bit of advance planning, another of my weaknesses.

      • Perfect! I have to ask – how did you stumble on my blog? IRL we were connected via an online forum in NZ, and I now follow your Bunny Eats Design facebook page with my personal account… I was really surprised when the comment popped up with your blog address. A lovely surprise – I’m just fascinated to know how you found me (could be something for me to learn here, I’m clearly still finding my feet with this blogging business)? Dare I say it…. do you know who I am??? Hahaha, that delighted me 😉

    • What a splendid idea! A weekly competition on the booboos I make in my various crafts – there is always some small imperfection. I like to think that adds to the charm 😉

  4. This table is so cool – the transformation from ordinary to extraordinary is amazing (and i should imagine very satisfying!) In the imaginary future in which I don’t live with my parents, I hope to furnish it entirely with arty finds like this!
    ps Being a crazy craft lady is the only way to be 😉

    • Thank you so much – it was an incredibly satisfying project. Those comic books were lying around for a long time and had been earmarked for a sewing desk, so it was really cool that one book managed to do both projects. In the imaginary future in which my husband turns a blind eye to every ecclectic piece I bring through the door, our home is filled with fun, interesting and arty furniture. My suggestion is for you to start your collection now, then by the time you move on from your parents’, you’ll have enough to furnish your own place. Crazy craft ladies unite! 😉

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