Handmade Monday

That weekend flew by! It was really rather quiet, craft-wise – my poor husband was laid up with a migraine, and I spent a bit of time with him in solidarity. It actually would have been a prime time to get upstairs and get sewing, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

One thing I did achieve was to write up my tutorial for a “jolly jar”, please do go and have a peek and let me know what you think. I also finally started work on a sock donkey, using a kit by Lucy Patterson. My sister bought the kit from the Devonport Craft Market months ago with the intention of getting her craft on and making one for her 2 year old son, and then never found the mojo. I’ve been guardian of the kit for the last couple of months, and finally found the quiet time to sit down and get started. The kit is so user friendly and easy to follow – however I’m a bit embarrased that my first attempt at a sock donkey is a bit on the lumpy side. I think I’ll keep this guy to practise the techniques and eventually absorb him into my own collection, and will make a much more robust donkey for my nephew once I have perfected it. Hopefully it will be a case of the whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts!

Somehow I need to get from this:

Just a bunch of body parts - kit and pattern by Lucy Patterson

Just a bunch of body parts – kit and pattern by Lucy Patterson

To this:

Finished sock donkey - he's adorable! Kit and pattern by Lucy Patterson.

Finished sock donkey – he’s adorable! Kit and pattern by Lucy Patterson.

As promised, I completed by “7 days of crafty” post yesterday, which should hopefully keep me on track for the week of crafting ahead of me. Now I’m heading over to Handmade Monday (#100, yahoo!) to see what the other clever folk have been up to.

Happy crafting!


17 thoughts on “Handmade Monday

    • The blanket detail was what sold my sister on the pack in the first place! It is absolutely beautiful, but sadly didn’t come in the kit. I’m glad to hear that a bit of trial and error is all I need to get a bit better at this. The good news is that I’m dedicated to making a more donkey-esque version next time around, so this won’t be my final attempt at a sock animal xx

  1. Wow – you are so very organised with your plan. Hope it all goes to plan! I am sure that your donkey will be ok once you sew it all up – sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised 🙂

  2. Don’t worry – my knitted / crochetted creatures always feel a bit disjointed before they’re all in one piece too, he’ll have a personailty and attitude all of his own before you know it! The Jolly Jar is such a lovely idea, and very clear tutorial too! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you! Oh I do feel better hearing that I’m not alone. He’s all sewn up now and more dog than donkey, but never mind. It’s been a great lesson in proportions!

  3. Oh, the finished donkey looks lovely – good luck with it! Your story reminds me of a very lumpy donkey I made for my son about 30 years ago. It was one of those where the pattern was printed on the fabric and I only had to sew it up and stuff it. He adored that lumpy donkey!!

    • Wendy, if only my finished donkey was as cute as the one in the picture. Alas, he is not, but he has a charm all his own. He’ll stay at home with me and my next attempt will go to my nephew – who will hopefully love it as much as your son loved the donkey you made him xo

  4. Might he be a wonkey donkey? I’m sure he’ll be great either way! I just looked at your Jolly Jar – what a brilliant idea! I think it would be great to get my children involved in something like that. Thanks for the idea.

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