Donkey = Dog

Well that didn’t turn out quite has I had expected! My donkey looks more like a dog – an adorable big-headed, short-legged, sticky-outy-tailed dog. Never mind! I just need to get some eyes on him and he’ll be away laughing – he even already has a name, Peperonata. I’m looking forward to this weekend for a lovely photo shoot with this little guy – I’m hopeful that the sun will shine and I can take some fun pics of him frolicking in our garden.

The rest of my 7 days of crafty plan is going well. Business cards have been ordered, Peperonata is almost finished, and tonight I’m on schedule to get stuck into my crocheted rings. If only I didn’t have such stubby fat little fingers, I’d take photos of the rings as well to share. Maybe this weekend I will canvas for a hand model…

And finally for my mid-week post, introducing: Procrastination Station! I’ve scoured the web (not really – the second random blog I visited ticked all my boxes) for something to share here. I highly recommend you visit and gorge yourself on awesome. Caiti writes about crafts and DIY, crochet, home decorating and more – I love her style of writing and her projects are cute and fun. I liked it so much I’ve joined up to something called Networked Blogs so I can read it easily – liking and learning! I am winning on a Wednesday afternoon šŸ™‚



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