I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand. I live with my husband and two cats, and by day I work as a marketing adviser.

I’ve been a long-time crafter, but usually my interests come and go in fads. The single exception to this is crochet – I taught myself about 3.5 years ago and have been a Happy Hooker (lol) ever since. I’m crochet-obsessed and will start spouting about it at any opportunity!

As well as crochet I dabble in sewing, beaded jewellery, card making and I toy with the idea of knitting. I learnt when I was a teenager, but didn’t keep up with it so will need to start from scratch when I do eventually learn. The hardest thing is having enough time on the weekends to squeeze it all in. I’m very lucky to have a dedicated craft room for my sewing etc at home, but my favourite thing is to curl up on the couch in the evening and get hooking in front of the telly. Yes – it is a slothful existence and I LOVE IT.

Besides my day job, I am trying to get an online business off the ground, but am finding the hardest thing is making enough to actually build up stock to photograph and sell. Most often I make things for people on request, so need to be more disciplined about making stuff that goes in the “for sale” box, and less in the “have this for free out of the goodness of my heart” box. It’s a challenge and something I’ll probably refer to here regularly – could be pushing the proverbial uphill but I have to try or will spend my life wondering what-if.

If you’re in Auckland and would like to meet me in person, check out the markets I’m attending soon. Or you can find me on Facebook. I also love reading your comments so don’t be shy!

Right I’m rambling – something else I tend to do. I hope you enjoy reading my musings and find something to entertain or inspire you within the blog 🙂


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