Ted 3.0

My old favourite teddy bear (“Ted”) has recently made a comeback, and he’s back in the bed! Husband is mildly bemused but never mind – Ted deserves a bit of loving. Only problem was that his old outfit was falling to pieces so over the weekend I took it upon myself to give him a natty upgrade. Staying true to his original red jacket and the heart on his chest that was cuddled off long ago, I’ve chosen a lovely large check and a wee appliqued black heart. I think he looks adorable and will be sure to stick around for another 31 years thanks to his new garb.Love you Teddy!

Ted 3.0

Ted 3.0: Looking very handsome in a natty new suit!

PS. In other news I finished the final Tiki and have added to the post Five tikis down one to go. What next?!

Pink pens are everywheeeere!

A couple of months ago, I attended a professional development thingy for day-job. I actually presented for the first time during it, which was an interesting and terrifying experience – I was exhausted at the end of it from all of the nervous energy that was whizzing around. So on the second day of the thingy, I opted for the fluffier sounding workshops, one of which was titled “A creative approach to goal setting” and involved creating a visual board. Imagine my delight when I walked in and saw the glue sticks, scissors and magazines for cutting up.

Before they would let me at the craft tools, we first had to do a visualising exercise: imagining ourselves in 5 years time. The facilitator would prompt us with questions (“How do you feel in this future?” “What work are you doing?”) and my co-professional developers would furiously scribble down their imaginings. I was flummoxed – there was nothing there. All I could think of was my current day-job location and my current self. Then I started to panic – I don’t WANT to be here in 5 years time, quick, DO SOMETHING. Out of sheer desperation, I scribbled on my page: “Pink pens are everywheeeeeere!”

As soon as I wrote it down, I felt better. Imagining my future working environment is too big an ask – I have no idea what I’ll be doing in 5 years, my dreams change every week! But if I follow that philosophy and make sure that pink pens are everywhe(eeee)re, I think I’ll be ok.

[Side bar: I’m at day-job right now, and do you think there is a pink pen in sight? No. Note to self – buy a pink pen at lunchtime and start living the dream. While there are no pink pens in sight, I myself am having a very pink day. I am wearing the fluffiest (SO FLUFFY!) pink jumper you can imagine, my nails are painted pastel pink and I am carrying a pink purse. Would you believe when I was a kid I wanted to be a boy? I don’t know when pink became so dominant in my day to day palette.]

To knit or not to knit…

Hot on the heels of uptaking hook and finishing a couple of projects (photos to come!) I’m tossing up the idea of learning how to knit (again). Mum taught me when I was in my teens and it was all going well until I made a mistake. I just couldn’t get the hang of unpicking – I don’t even know what the technical knitting term for that is (crocheters call this “frogging”, cute huh?). So now I have this barrier in my head that I’m going to need to do a mercy dash to Ma’s everytime I make a booboo – and while learning I reckon there will be a fair few booboos!

I wasn’t very inspired about Christmas gifts last year, so didn’t have a lot of ideas when people asked what I might like. One of the things that did come back was the Patons Learn to knit book, and a pair of size 7 knitting needles, which are now sitting in a drawer waiting to be dusted off.

So I have the tools, I have the beginnings of the desire – I think I just need to pick a project (a scarf! Just for something completely new) and get on with it. Stay tuned… I don’t want to change the name of this blog to “by needle” though, that sounds a bit macabre! Maybe tonight could even be the night – it is the only 29th Feb for the next four years, and if that ain’t a good enough excuse to learn something new, I don’t know what is!!

By hook or by what??

By Hook or By Crook: a saying that means “by any means necessary”. As in, by hook or by crook I will finish these g-loves tonight… Or by hook or by crook that was a great episode of Walking Dead… Or by hook or by crook I should get off to bed!

And in case ya didn’t get it, by hook = how crochet items are made, i.e. with a hook. So there, now you know!