Procrastination station: 31/01/13

I seem to be a day behind this week, thanks to Auckland Anniversary on Monday. Never mind! Onwards to the procrastination.

The blog I’d like to share today is from a Kiwi blogger – her tagline is “life style blog of a crafty one”. If you’re looking for an inspiring crafter and a sneak peak into life in New Zealand, pop on over to Adventures of Alex O & Co – even better if you sign up to follow the blog by email, you’ll get a gorgeous dose of crafty goodness in your inbox whenever the blog is updated. I love Alex’s designs, she is a true craftsperson and it is always a pleasure seeing a blog update when they come through.



Reaching out

Here goes my first attempt at a short blog post – wish me luck! (I just put my headphones in to get my in the mood, turned on my Ipod, shuffled and the first song to come up was Baby Got Back. I feel like I’ve won a prize, this is one of my all  time favourite songs. Hopefully a good omen for brevity, although this introduction is not a good start!)

One of my goals this year is to increase my online activity. The frequency of my blog posts is irregular, and everytime I go to post on my Facebook page, I get a touch of performance anxiety. It hasn’t stopped the Facebook posts, it just slows me down a bit – which is ludicrous for a person that has so much to say.

So how to deal with this? My first plan of attack is to build on the number of Facebook followers I have – at the moment they’re predominantly family members (bless their cotton socks) and as such, I feel like every time I post I’m speaking directly to my Mum, uncle, cousins, etc. They’re all hugely supportive and wonderful – they just hear it all the time from me anyway, so I worry I might sound a bit like a broken record to them. With that in mind – anyone who is Facebook inclined, please feel free to jump on over to, and “like” (but only if you actually like what you see of course).

Next strategy is to learn from the masters – this weekend I’ll be dedicated to finding likeminded crafters from around the world with a Facebook presence, and liking up a storm to see how they go about it. Soooooo – anyone reading this who is a Facebook officianado (or simply wants to boost their own page’s numbers), please feel free to comment below with your Facebook address and I’ll go and have a squiz at what you’re up to.

Finally, to help with the frequency of my blog posting, I’m going to trial a schedule to blog 3 days per week, as follows:

  • Sunday – “7 days of crafty”, a new WIP post I plan on starting to help me plan the week ahead
  • Monday – Handmade Monday. I love participating in this weekly link party, so this is an easy post to lock in.
  • Wednesday – Random post on something on my mind. This will require a bit more discipline, but (keeping brevity in mind) I know I can do this!

Rightio – I’ve written it down so it is now true – see you all on Sunday (or on the Facebook pages you leave below)!

Crochet babies of doom

By hook or by crook stall - Devonport Craft Markets

What an exciting blog post this sounds – I hope I can live up to your expectations! I recently purchased a second-hand book from a fantastic local second-hand store, called Junk & Disorderly. I am in love with the place … Continue reading

All quiet on the craft front

Well after I burst onto (or perhaps off!) the Nz craft market scene, it has all gone rather quiet on the craft front around here. I had a week in (R)Adelaide for a Day Job conference, and then a weekend and week recovering from a hectic fortnight. Inspiration and activity have both been low but I can feel the creative energy regenerating. Good news!

Today I attended a baby shower for an old university friend. I received an incredibly cute Dr Zuess themed invitation and knew immediately that I could make the perfect gift – a Dr Zuess onesie with a matching(ish) beanie.


I am really loving that lemon and grey colour way at the moment and thought it perfect for a little bubba, gender unknown. I also whipped up the wee card with the pram (perambulator – great word!) which tickled me as well. Then all wrapped up in brown paper, tied with a decadent black bow and voila! A perfect, homemade baby shower gift xox