Crocheted Christmas Tree


This is a great project to use up leftover wool, and is a fun and festive desk- or table-top decoration over the Christmas period. It’s super easy to put together for anyone with basic crochet skills. I knocked mine up in an evening in front of the TV.

This tutorial uses British crochet terms – crochet term conversion is available here.


  • Wool remnants (enough to make up a 5.2m length of crochet stitches)
  • 2-3 x sheets of felted wool
  • Polystyrene cone
  • Pretty push pins
  • Crochet hook to suit your wool remnants

Stitches/techniques used

  • Chain (ch)
  • Double crochet (sc)
  • Treble crochet (tr)
  • Shell stitch (work 5 tr into one stitch)
  • Joining new yarn (tutorial)

Crochet pattern

FC (Foundation chain): Ch a length of stitches approximately 5.2 metres long.
Row 1: Tr into 4th chain from the hook; 1 tr in each ch to end. Turn.
Row 2: Ch 1, *sc into next 5 tr, shell stitch into next tr*. Repeat from * to end. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Decorating the cone

Now comes the fun part! (Actually, I find the crocheting bit fun too!)

  1. Take your sheets of felted and wrap them around the polystyrene cone. You are doing this to prevent any white from the cone showing through once you’ve attached your crocheted fabric. Pin into place.
  2. Starting at the base of the cone, pin the end of your crocheted fabric around the cone and start wrapping. TIP: Make sure the shell stitches are facing down, and your foundation chain is facing the top of the cone.
  3. You can pin as you go if you’d prefer, but this isn’t necessary. TIP: I am right-handed, and found the easiest method for wrapping was this: Put pile of crochted fabric to your left and hold the top of the cone in your right hand. Turn the cone with your right hand and position the fabric with your left hand.
  4. Make sure that each “round” of fabric you wrap onto the cone slightly overlaps the previous round. The felted wool sheets will prevent any white peeping through, but it is a sneaky concealment tool rather than a feature – you don’t want to see too much of that either!
  5. When you get to the top, fashion any leftover crocheted fabric into a point and pin into place.
  6. Have a look at the finished product – rearrange any rounds that look like too much uneven or scruffy, using pins if required.
  7. Now “decorate” your tree. I used the pins I had in the house so they aren’t particularly festive, but still sparkly enough to make it clear that this is a Christmas tree.
  8. Voila – a crocheted Christmas tree. Here is how mine looked:
Crocheted Christmas tree - work in progress

My growing pile of crocheted Christmas tree fabric, snuggling up to its buddy The Cone.

Crocheted Christmas tree - finished product

The finished product. You’ll note that you can see the polystyrene cone peeking through at the bottom there – this is how the felted wool sheets made it into the project!


  • I had two skeins of wool leftover from previous projects, so technically mine weren’t remnants. I simply joined the yarn when I needed a new colour – a great tutorial demonstrates my preferred method here:
  • The exact number of ch to do in the FC doesn’t matter. Wherever you are up to in the *repeat* of the pattern in Row 2 is fine to finish in – as the finished fabric will be wound and overlapped, you won’t really see the beginnings and ends of the fabric.

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